Who we are

The Huntington Engineering Group is a consortium of engineering professionals who are ready to quickly, credibly and economically address your technical needs. An experienced Project Manager will be assigned to your company to delineate those needs, leverage our most appropriate engineering staff and set timetables to quickly and efficiently complete the project. We recognize that a rapid response and quick turnaround are essential in today's business environment and we will do our best to meet, or exceed, all goals.

What we can do

  • Deliver turn-key solutions to establish, or enhance, your production line.
  • Fill an experience gap by sourcing technical and engineering experts to your firm to assist you in meeting your emergent, or ongoing, needs.
  • Provide experienced consultants that go to work immediately to resolve tough problems, shorten the time to market, and maximize process throughput.
  • Provide multidisciplinary teams for preliminary product design and optimization, as well as new process development.
  • Supply experts to effectively determine root cause and craft cost effective solutions.
  • Implement state-of-the-art communication and control systems, from sensor to front office.